Two for One: LomoAmigo Ennuh Tiu's Music Shoot with the LomoChrome Purple and Metropolis

The Law of Attraction states that things with similar energy levels attract each other. We're no experts but we feel that there's a certain truth to this thinking, especially when we look at the work of LomoAmigo Ennuh Tiu. Ennuh—who's been a mainstay here in the Magazine for years now—continues to inspire with her new projects and shoots.

Our dear LomoAmigo has a fiery personality and equally colorful hair that signals people of her vibrant "can-do" attitude. She gravitates to things that interest and inspire her, so it's no surprise that the two Filipino musicians she worked with on her recent shoots also share the same energy. Pop artists Blaster Silonga and Ena Mori are both young enigmatic musicians whose works offer a refreshing sound to the Philippine music industry. Them finding each other can be easily connected to the "like attracts like" principle.

LomoAmigo Ennuh Tiu paints candy-colored portraits of Blaster Silonga with the LomoChrome Metropolis and Ena Mori with the LomoChrome Purple

For her portrait sessions, Ennuh chose the LomoChrome Metropolis and LomoChrome Purple to present the artists in a light that she thinks is fit: fun, colorful, and creative. And it works. Ennuh is able to capture the excitement she feels for finding her fellow young creatives and the playfulness required to keep making fun pop music that listeners can relate to. It's all about the energy and we dig it.

What made you choose the LomoChrome Metropolis for this shoot with Blaster?

I had a previous shoot with the same brand where I used the Lomochrome Metropolis, but that was the old formula and was taken during nighttime. So this time I wanted to try it out in the daytime! I was curious about the new formula and the results!

What did you like about the new Metropolis?

The Metropolis has a distinct look that's refreshing to the eyes. It's like a visual union between the old and the new. Unlike any other film, it's muted but the colors still pop.

Blaster Silonga photographed with LomoChrome Metropolis by LomoAmigo Ennuh Tiu | Styling: Shayne Lopez Clothes: Tiediet Skull Dress: Tiediet & Lvna Elna

What things did you like about it when it comes to portrait photography?

The Lomo Metropolis has a unique tone that gives off an otherworldly vibe.

What made you want to pursue music photography?

I have always been captivated by album cover art, and I'm a supporter and avid listener of OPM music. The pandemic took away a lot of things from us—one of those is live music. I don't think I would've survived the pandemic without it. So now that the restrictions are slowly easing us to a normal life, I want to enjoy live music again. And I like photographing my life and what I love, so there's that.

I just tend to fall into things; one is music photography. The creative energy of musicians is also something so interesting to me since I'm not musically inclined in the slightest. Plus, since musicians aren't professional models, there's an intimacy that comes with photographing them, unlike when photographing models. I feel like they also embrace creativity and experimentation more, so it's easier for us to connect artistically. It's an artistic meeting of minds.

Blaster Silonga photographed with LomoChrome Metropolis by LomoAmigo Ennuh Tiu | Styling: Shayne Lopez Clothes: Tiediet Skull Dress: Tiediet & Lvna Elna

What's the concept of this shoot? How did you come up with it?

Sometimes I don't really think of concepts when I shoot. I guess it's already embedded within me. Sometimes, I prefer locations you wouldn't normally consider for a photo shoot and use props that you never would think to photograph—like a colored wall, an interesting graffiti, or in this case, a tree stump. If a brand has a peg in mind, I base it from there. For this one, we just wanted to photograph in a location that would be comfortable for the brand and the model, since there would be some outfit changes.

How was your shoot with Ena using the LomoChrome Purple?

It was fun! Ena was super chill and easy to photograph. Her overall aesthetic fits into mine quite well so I was excited to photograph her!

Ena Mori photographed with LomoChrome Purple by LomoAmigo Ennuh Tiu

What made you choose this film for the portraits?

I wanted to see what the new formula would look like. In the last shoot I had using the LomoChrome Purple, I used a point and shoot, and used a film with the old formula.

How did you two meet?

We met online at first, I think through mutuals in the music industry!

Where do you see your music photography taking you in the future?

I just want to meet new artists, continue to photograph, learn and experiment more! I just want to have fun with my photography, maybe participate in a music tour ala Almost Famous!

Ena Mori photographed with LomoChrome Purple by LomoAmigo Ennuh Tiu

Do you have any other particular projects that you would like to pursue?

I just got a 3D film camera at a steal price, so I'm looking forward to shooting with that and turning them into GIFs! I also want to experiment more with my photography and collaborate with illustrators, print my photos and turn them into a collage, doodle on them, etc. With regards to the subject, I am looking forward to shooting more mundane, experimental and fashion, I kind of miss it!

What's next for Ennuh Tiu?

I will be collaborating with a bunch of artists for an exhibit in October, so I'm very excited about that!

We would like to thank Ennuh for sharing her work with us. Follow her on Instagram to stay updated with her latest shoots.

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LomoChrome Metropolis 35 mm ISO 100–400

This film comes with a unique chemical formula specifically developed in our Lomography film manufactory, which desaturates colors, mutes tones and makes contrasts pop.

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