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Ongoing Events

  • Capturing The Moment

    2023-06-13 – 2024-04-28
    Capturing The Moment

    This exhibition explores the close relationship between photography and painting and how the juxtaposition of these two mediums has created some of the most iconic artworks of the 20th century, with artists including, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Paula Rego, and Hiroshi Sugimoto.

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  • James Balog: Photographs from the Anthropocene

    2023-09-16 – 2024-03-10 · San Diego, United States of America
    James Balog: Photographs from the Anthropocene

    James Balog: Photographs from the Anthropocene presents a series of photographs that describes the ancient cyclical patterns of the earth’s life forms and the impact of human activity. For four decades, James Balog has studied ancient cultural assumptions about the relationship between human nature and the rest of nature. Through innovative imagery, his projects interpret significant aspects of what has changed, what’s survived, and what changes are projected for the future. His photographs reveal nature’s dazzling beauty and its capacity for destruction.

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  • Charlie Phillips’ How Great Thou Art – 50 Years of African Caribbean Funerals in London

    2023-10-05 – 2024-12-17
    Charlie Phillips’ How Great Thou Art – 50 Years of African Caribbean Funerals in London

    How Great Thou Art by Charlie Phillips is the first solo exhibition hosted by The Centre For British Photography and explores the traditions surrounding death within London’s African Caribbean community.

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  • Frank Ockenfels 3 – Introspection

    2023-10-26 – 2024-03-09 · New York, United States of America
    Frank Ockenfels 3 – Introspection

    Frank Ockenfels often seeks out that which deviates from the norm, from the expected or the obvious. He approaches his subjects with playfulness and spontaneity and uses what is available in the moment. It might be a ray of light, a movement, or playful use of the flash. By applying several different techniques – such as photography, painting, and collage – and experimenting with light, optics, and different kinds of cameras, Ockenfels is always trying to stretch the limits of what a photograph or artwork can be.

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  • Tony (AJ) Barratt Exhibition

    2024-01-13 – 2024-03-31 · London, United Kingdom
    Tony (AJ) Barratt Exhibition

    Mancunian music photographer Tony Barratt worked for the NME and Melody Maker during their heyday, shooting the likes of Nirvana, Leonard Cohen, and Mark E Smith. Tony shares some of his photographs from his colourful career at Upside Down Records in Deptford in this latest exhibition.

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  • Transformations: American Photographs from the 1970s

    2024-01-15 – 2024-07-07 · Philadelphia, United States of America
    Transformations: American Photographs from the 1970s

    The 1970s witnessed an unprecedented explosion of interest and activity around photography, and was a hub for wildly varying conceptions of what photography could look like, how it could be used, and what it could stand for. On one hand, the 1970s were an apex of traditional black and white darkroom photography, as artists who had worked in relative obscurity were suddenly thrust into the spotlight. But it was also the end of an era, as younger photographers began experimenting with mediums, formats, and conceptual approaches that defied established modes of photographic art.

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  • David Seidner: Fragments, 1977–99

    2024-01-24 – 2024-05-06 · New York, United States of America
    David Seidner: Fragments, 1977–99

    ICP’s survey of the work of David Seidner (1957–1999) reintroduces this important and rarely exhibited artist of the 1980s and 1990s whose work has largely faded from view since his passing from AIDS-related illnesses in 1999. Primarily drawn from Seidner’s archive, which has been a part of ICP’s collection since 2001, highlights include David Seidner’s early fine art photography and fragmented portrait studies, vibrant fashion and editorial photography, images of groundbreaking dancers and choreographers, portraits of well-known contemporary artists and their studios, and works from his final project, abstracted studies of orchids.

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  • ICP at 50

    2024-01-24 – 2024-05-06 · New York, United States of America
    ICP at 50

    Kicking off ICP’s 50th anniversary year, ICP at 50: From the Collection, 1845–2019 is a thematic exploration of the many photographic processes that comprise the medium’s history, presenting works from ICP’s deep holdings of photography collected over 50 years since ICP was established in 1974.

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  • Roman Loranc, Radiant Light

    2024-01-27 – 2024-03-03 · Carmel-by-the-Sea, United States of America
    Roman Loranc, Radiant Light

    The Center for Photographic Art, California is presenting a solo show of Roman Loranc’s recent work. The new photographs featured in Radiant Light align with Loranc’s personal aesthetic and offer a fresh experience for the Center for Photographic Art and collectors of Loranc’s exquisite silver gelatin prints. These latest exciting images are still shot on large format film and printed in the darkroom by the artist, so the exhibition will be visually diverse and exceptionally beautiful.

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  • Diana Lomografías

    2024-02-02 – 2024-03-30 · Estepona, Spain
    Diana Lomografías

    Photographers of the Colectivo Fama – Fotógrafas Artistas Malagueñas – will exhibit pictures that explore the mythological figure of Diana. All pictures were taken using our Diana cameras.

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  • First Came a Friendship: Sidney B. Felsen and the Artists at Gemini G.E.L.

    2024-02-20 – 2024-07-07 · Los Angeles, United States of America
    First Came a Friendship: Sidney B. Felsen and the Artists at Gemini G.E.L.

    The photographs of Sidney B. Felsen (b. 1924) eloquently document the remarkable history of Gemini G.E.L, the Los Angeles artist’s workshop and publisher of limited-edition prints and sculpture, founded in 1966. They capture with great empathy the joy and demands of the creative process, record the many close friendships fostered with artists who collaborated at Gemini, and bear witness to the evolving Los Angeles art scene.

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  • Lomography at CP+ Japan

    2024-02-22 – 2024-02-25 · Yokohama, Japan
    Lomography at CP+ Japan

    Come meet us at CP+ 2024 from February 22nd to February 24th, between 10am to 6pm, and find out all about our latest products, Lomographic news and even a unique chance to hear about upcoming products. We can’t wait to see you there!

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Upcoming Events

  • Ellen Graham: Unscripted

    2024-03-02 – 2024-06-16 · West Palm Beach, United States of America
    Ellen Graham: Unscripted

    For over six decades, Ellen Graham has photographed actors, musicians, models, athletes, and royals at their most vulnerable: unplanned, unposed, and unscripted. Imbuing a sense of immediacy, showing moments of intimacy and humor, and celebrating her remarkable ability to disarm her subjects, Graham’s photographs provide unique insight into a person’s inner dimensions. This exhibition highlights several of Graham’s gifts to the Norton along with a generous array of special loans – both photographs and photographic ephemera – from the Ellen Graham Archive.

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  • Ephemeral – Analog Photo Exhibition

    2024-03-07 · New York, United States of America
    Ephemeral – Analog Photo Exhibition

    First steps, last words. The syrupy drip of mid-afternoon sunlight, a bird taking flight, and the fleeting moment before a familiar face disappears from view on the subway platform. What makes something ephemeral? How can photography celebrate the impermanence of being? The gallery opening will be celebrated on March 7th from 7:00 – 9:00p at Brooklyn Film Camera. Work will be on display through March.

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  • Krappy Kamera Competition 2024

    2024-03-07 · New York, United States of America
    Krappy Kamera Competition 2024

    Soho Photo Gallery is pleased to announce the 26th International Krappy Kamera Competition. The philosophy at Soho Photo Gallery is that in the hands of any artist, great photographs can be made with basic equipment. To explore this talent, we are searching for extraordinary photographs made with lousy lenses. The gallery is located in lower Manhattan and is New York City’s longest-running co-operative photography gallery.

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  • The Real Thing: Unpacking Product Photography

    2024-03-11 – 2024-04-08 · New York, United States of America
    The Real Thing: Unpacking Product Photography

    Spanning the first century of photographic advertising, the exhibition will illustrate how commercial camerawork contributed to the visual language of modernism, suggesting new links between the promotional strategies of vernacular studios and the tactics of the interwar avant-garde. Corporate commissions by celebrated innovators, including Paul Outerbridge, August Sander, and Piet Zwart, will appear alongside obscure catalogues and trade publications, united by a common cause: to snatch the ordinary out of context, and sell it back at full price.

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  • I’m a thousand different people–Every one is real

    2024-03-15 – 2025-01-05 · New York, United States of America
    I’m a thousand different people–Every one is real

    Taking its title from a drawing by artist and queer icon Candy Darling, this exhibition brings together a selection of works recently acquired by the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art. Darling’s words evoke the multidimensionality of queer and trans life and artistic practices that insist on defining art and life entirely on one’s own terms. Taken together, the exhibited works–across various media and representational styles–embrace a spectral, prismatic approach to rendering LGBTQIA+ existence. Both contemporary and historical, the works elide the demand for authenticity and easy legibility, instead holding space for plurality, reinvention, and fantasy.

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  • Fresno Tower District Photo Walk

    2024-03-16 · California, United States of America
    Fresno Tower District Photo Walk

    Organized by Aim Shoot Develop, film photographers of Central Valley, California will meet at Spectrum Gallery for a photo walk around the Tower District of Fresno. The event will include photo prompts & challenges that anyone can enter, as well as free portraits and a raffle with various prizes. Any & all types of cameras are welcome!

  • Irving Penn

    2024-03-16 – 2024-07-21 · San Francisco, United States of America
    Irving Penn

    Irving Penn is widely recognized as one of the 20th century’s greatest photographers. Vogue’s longest-standing contributor, Penn revolutionized fashion photography in the postwar era. Using neutral backgrounds, he emphasized models’ personalities through their gestures and expressions. The exhibition includes approximately 175 photographs, spanning every period of Penn’s nearly 70-year career.

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  • Cinema Meets Fashion: Analogue Photography Workshop – Metropolis Edition

    2024-03-24 · Milan, Italy
    Cinema Meets Fashion: Analogue Photography Workshop – Metropolis Edition

    An outdoor workshop hosted by Riccardo Montanini and Elisa Bonafè in urban settings where you will shoot on Metropolis films and learn how to mix cinematographic photography and fashion photography.

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  • Hippolyte Bayard: A Persistent Pioneer

    2024-04-09 – 2024-07-07 · Los Angeles, United States of America
    Hippolyte Bayard: A Persistent Pioneer

    Hippolyte Bayard–Parisian bureaucrat by day and persistent inventor and artist after hours–is one of the lesser-known pioneers of photography. This exhibition presents an extraordinarily rare opportunity to view some of Bayard’s highly fragile photographs dating from the 1840s–the first decade of the new medium–and to explore his early processes, subjects, and strategies to achieve recognition. It highlights Getty’s treasured Bayard album, one of the first photographic albums ever created.

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  • Film Photography Day

    Film Photography Day

    In 2013, we celebrated the first Film Photography Day. Since then, we’ve made it a yearly habit to honor the creativity and the passion of analogue photography-lovers around the world through exciting workshops, fun parties, and buzz-worthy photo exhibits! Let the good times roll and stay tuned for an event near you!

  • Workshop with Michael Ackerman

    2024-04-13 – 2024-04-14 · Milan, Italy
    Workshop with Michael Ackerman

    A special 2 weekend workshop, to develop a personal photography project with photographer Michael Ackerman. The workshop is open to anyone, regardless of your level of experience so far, who is working with photography in a personal way. This means using photography to explore the world you live in and your place in it. To explore your interests, your concerns, your obsessions. What is important is an openness, a curiosity, a hunger to learn and a need to go deeper. You can work towards an exhibition, a book, a multimedia presentation. This will depend on your goals and what is the right form for you.

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  • The Photography Show Presented by AIPAD

    2024-04-25 – 2024-04-28 · New York, United States of America
    The Photography Show Presented by AIPAD

    In 2024, The Photography Show presented by AIPAD, the longest-running and leading fair dedicated to photography, will return to its previous home, the Park Avenue Armory, for the first time since 2016. From April 25-28, 2024, 76 incredible exhibitors from around the globe will unveil an exciting mix of work that reflects a dynamic and diverse understanding of the photographic medium.

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  • World Pinhole Photography Day

    World Pinhole Photography Day

    Slow down and celebrate the art of pinhole photography. Whether you are shooting with special gear or a homemade one from a matchbox, can, or even an egg, challenge your imagination and show what a humble pinhole camera is capable of!

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  • Vivan Maier – Unseen

    2024-05-30 – 2024-08-31 · New York, United States of America
    Vivan Maier – Unseen

    Unseen focuses on the whole of Vivian Maier’s work, from the early 1950s to the mid-1980s, through around 200 works, vintage or modern prints, color, black and white, super 8 films and soundtracks, offering a complete vision of the dense, rich and complex architecture of this archive that provides a fascinating testimony to post-war America and the hell of the American dream.

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Past Events

  • Arthur Tress: Rambles, Dreams, and Shadows

    2024-01-29 – 2024-02-18 · Los Angeles, United States of America
    Arthur Tress: Rambles, Dreams, and Shadows

    The first exhibition to chronicle the early career of Arthur Tress, one of the most innovative American photographers of the postwar era. During his first decade as an emergent professional in the New York photography world (1968–78), his artistic practice evolved from being rooted in the social documentary tradition to a bold new approach drawing inspiration from the inner worlds of fantasies, daydreams, and nightmares.

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  • Miho Kajioka at Howard Greenberg Gallery

    2023-12-02 – 2024-02-10
    Miho Kajioka at Howard Greenberg Gallery

    "On the 11th of March, 2011, a catastrophic earthquake shook Japan. I was working for a Brazilian TV company in Tokyo at that time, and we headed to Tohoku, the northern part of Japan where the tsunami hit. It looked like it had just been bombed. Fragments of rubble showed us that people’s daily lives had ended all of a sudden. I always knew that our lives end one day for sure, however, it was the first time that I really realized that. This tragedy returned me to art." –Miho Kajioka

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  • Saul Leiter | Centennial at Howard Greenberg Gallery

    2023-12-02 – 2024-02-10
    Saul Leiter | Centennial at Howard Greenberg Gallery

    Saul Leiter was born in Pittsburgh, the son of an internationally renowned Talmudic scholar. Leiter’s interest in art began in his late teens, and though he was encouraged to become a Rabbi like his father, he left theology school and moved to New York to pursue painting at age 23. In New York, he befriended the Abstract Expressionist painter Richard Pousette-Dart, who was experimenting with photography. His friendship with Pousette-Dart and soon after, with W. Eugene Smith, expanded his interest in photography. Leiter’s earliest black and white photographs show an extraordinary affinity for the medium. By the 1950s, he began to work in color as well, compiling an extensive and significant body of work during the medium’s infancy. His distinctively subdued color often has a painterly quality that stood out among the work of his contemporaries.

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  • AC Photo Community Mixer

    2024-02-09 · Los Angeles, United States of America
    AC Photo Community Mixer

    Authority Collective is hosting a mixer at the Los Angeles Center of Photography, for the local photo community to meet and mingle at LACP’s downtown LA headquarters.

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  • Book Signing with Zoe Wiseman

    2024-01-29 · Los Angeles, United States of America
    Book Signing with Zoe Wiseman

    Sunkissed 85 showcases Wiseman’s unique talent through Solarization, also known as the Sabbatier Effect, a technique famously employed by Lee Miller and Man Ray. The limited edition photo book, spanning her work from 2001 to 2022, features images created using discontinued Polaroid Type 85 film, providing both a positive and negative print when peeled apart after exposure.

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  • Notting Hill Photowalk with London Camera Project & Cameraburo

    2024-01-20 · London, United Kingdom
    Notting Hill Photowalk with London Camera Project & Cameraburo

    London Camera Project & Cameraburo come together for a special photowalk around Notting Hill. You can expect lots of analogue attendants, an obligatory pub stop and a quiz where you can win some prizes, including goodies supplied by Cameraburo. Come along – all photography skill levels are welcome.

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  • DIY Night #12

    2024-01-20 · Milan, Italy
    DIY Night #12

    Everyone is invited to our 12th edition of the DIY Nights, dedicated to self-publishing. As usual, it will be a friendly party with drinks, zines and an exhibition. The project as you may see on our website is open to everyone in the future with no charge and we will be happy to meet new people. Self-published works will be for sale to build the future 13th episode.

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  • Portrait Study – 120 on 1/20

    2024-01-20 · Salt Lake City, United States of America
    Portrait Study – 120 on 1/20

    Have you ever been told that medium-format film photography is hard to get into? That it costs too much to have the right gear? Well, we’re here to prove that wrong! Essential Photo Supply is hosting a free medium-format film workshop on Sat. January 20th! We are providing 10 Diana F+ 120 cameras for each attendee to use, and a free roll of colorful Lomography CN 800 film! To register for this free workshop, please email or call the shop at 801-410-8141. Registration is first come, first serve, so if you’re interested call right away! Limited spots available. There will be a waitlist.

  • AUTOGRAPH, LONDON Hélène Amouzou: Voyages

    2023-09-22 – 2024-01-20 · London, United Kingdom
    AUTOGRAPH, LONDON Hélène Amouzou: Voyages

    This is the first UK solo exhibition of Hélène Amouzou’s evocative self-portraits. These hand printed photographs are a crucial document of a migrant who has grappled with notions of freedom, exclusion, and bureaucracy – an attempt to recapture her identity and sense of belonging. Voyages raises important questions: What does it mean to seek refuge? What does belonging feel like? What does it mean to live in limbo? What burden does the body carry as a result? The Togolese-born, Belgium-based artist’s distinctive imagery is created through long exposures, contemplating the complex emotions of displacement and exile.

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  • Immersion: Gregory Halpern, Raymond Meeks, and Vasantha Yogananthan at ICP

    2023-09-29 – 2024-01-08 · New York, United States of America
    Immersion: Gregory Halpern, Raymond Meeks, and Vasantha Yogananthan at ICP

    Immersion: Gregory Halpern, Raymond Meeks, and Vasantha Yogananthan is an exhibition showcasing three projects created by the artists during their respective residencies–Halpern’s in Guadeloupe, Yogananthan’s in New Orleans, and Meeks’s in France.

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  • Play the Part: Marlene Dietrich at ICP

    2023-09-29 – 2024-01-08 · New York, United States of America
    Play the Part: Marlene Dietrich at ICP

    Featuring nearly 200 photographs taken from 1906 to 1978, Play the Part: Marlene Dietrich examines the multifaceted evolution of Dietrich’s (1901–1992) public persona. The exhibition features photographs by well-known artists such as Cecil Beaton, Irving Penn, and Edward Steichen as well as photographers with whom Dietrich collaborated repeatedly throughout her life, including the noted Hollywood photographer George Hurrell, Eugene Robert Richee, and William Walling Jr. Rarely seen and previously unpublished images, snapshots, some of the last photos of Marlene Dietrich, and other works complement the formal portraits and studio images that have come to represent Dietrich, illustrating the true complexity of her life. Assembled by collector Pierre Passebon, this exhibition marks the first time his noted collection will be shown in the United States.

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  • LomoWalk with Cecile André

    2024-01-06 · Nantes, France
    LomoWalk with Cecile André

    Join us for a LomoWalk on the theme of low lights, where we’ll explore different settings and techniques to capture stunning photographs in challenging lighting conditions.

  • Photie Man: 50 Years of Tom Wood

    2023-05-20 – 2024-01-01
    Photie Man: 50 Years of Tom Wood

    A new major photographic exhibition from Tom Wood, showcasing 50 years of the artist’s work.

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  • No Wasted Days: Camilo Fuentealba Brevis

    2023-11-18 – 2023-12-23
    No Wasted Days: Camilo Fuentealba Brevis

    No Wasted Days: Camilo Fuentealba Brevis is an exhibition showcasing the artist’s new 2023 works that capture the rich tapestry of human intimacy unfolding every day on the streets of NYC.

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  • "Being & Becoming" at FIT

    2023-11-18 – 2023-12-10
    "Being & Becoming" at FIT

    The Fashion Institute of Technology proudly presents student work from the BFA Photography program in their first exhibition titled Being & Becoming. Twenty-eight students collaborate in this showcase featuring large-scale printed work and photo-based installations. Equipped with techniques developed through previous semesters and with the support of Adjunct Professors Tiffany Smith and Nat Ward, students have actualized their creative concepts. Through connective themes of identity, intimacy, and creative space, students share in the ever-changing process of “Becoming.” This exhibition serves as a celebration of each artist’s personal vision and dedication to their craft.

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  • Light Painting – LomoSchool x Allycamera

    2023-12-09 · Seoul, South Korea
    Light Painting – LomoSchool x Allycamera

    In this workshop, we have prepared an opportunity to learn #LomoSchool’s light painting techniques with Lomography partner @allycameras.

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  • ICP Photobook Club – Muriel Hasbun: “Pax Tecum Filomena: Una Canción Para Ti”

    ICP Photobook Club – Muriel Hasbun: “Pax Tecum Filomena: Una Canción Para Ti”

    Explore ICP’s photobook library during ICP’s new Photobook Club, a community meet-up for book enthusiasts, photographers, and lovers of printed images. Bring your favorite photobook, zine, or other image focused publication to share while discussing and exploring monthly selections from the ICP stacks during this community-building event. This month’s Photobook Club feature is Muriel Hasbun’s new zine, “Pax Tecum Filomena: Una Canción Para Ti,” published by Matarile Ediciones to coincide with the ICP exhibition Muriel Hasbun: Tracing Terruño. Come to discuss the zine and browse further library selections by Muriel Hasbun and Matarile Ediciones’ Martha Naranjo Sandoval.

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  • ICP PhotoSLAM: New York

    ICP PhotoSLAM: New York

    Join ICP for the next installment of their live storytelling series, ICP PhotoSLAM! During this fast-paced, open mic event, photographers, the ICP community, and audience members are invited to participate in a live story telling competition driven by photographs. Attend for the chance to join as a visual storyteller or to enjoy the stories as part of the audience judging panel! The returning host for ICP PhotoSLAM is Idris Talib Solomon.

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  • Dan Bassini: Photo Book Release Party & Exhibition Opening

    Dan Bassini: Photo Book Release Party & Exhibition Opening

    Join us for the opening of Dan Bassini’s show When I Kill God, I Will Find The Spigot From Which He Meters Out Grace And Smash It Permanently Open. This work is a sharp departure from the fashion world work Dan has been known for over the years. Instead, he focuses on the area of Schuylkill County, PA and its surrounding regions; a place he’s come to love over the past few years and has been going to for peace and escape. Signed books will be available for purchase. Beer and wine will be served, fun will be had!

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  • imstilldeveloping Film Photo Holiday Party

    imstilldeveloping Film Photo Holiday Party

    Social gathering hosted by imstilldeveloping that includes various activities such as an annual print exchange, yearbook photoshoot, gallery, film tattoos, live music, and more.

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  • Book Launch – Keisha Scarville: “lick of tongue, rub of finger, on soft wound”

    Book Launch – Keisha Scarville: “lick of tongue, rub of finger, on soft wound”

    Join ICP as poet and visual artist Pamela Sneed and photographer and ICP faculty member Keisha Scarville discuss Scarville’s debut monograph “lick of tongue, rub of finger, on soft wound” (MACK, $50). The conversation will be accessible in-person and online. It will be followed by a signing in the ICP Café. This event is free to attend with the price of Late Night ICP admission.

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  • Romualdas Požerskis and Geoffrey Berliner

    2023-11-02 – 2023-11-30
    Romualdas Požerskis and Geoffrey Berliner

    NEW YORK – SLA Art Space is pleased to present “Photography,” The exhibition, curated by Francine Rogers and Julia Rothenberg, showcasing the work of Lithuanian photographer Romualdas Požerskis and New York photographer Geoffrey Berliner. While differing in the focal length of their gaze – Berliner is a master of the close-up and Požerskis’ lens is more macro – they both explore intimacy, time, abstraction, and documentation through black and white analogue photography. This show includes 19 photographs from Požerskis’ work documenting his subjects against the background of small town life in Lithuania during the Soviet/post-Soviet Era and 18 of Berliner’s portraits of photographic artists and abstract works utilizing the wet plate collodion process.

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  • Cinema Meets Fashion: Analogue Photography Workshop – Purple Edition

    Cinema Meets Fashion: Analogue Photography Workshop – Purple Edition

    Riccardo Montanini and Elisa Bonafè will host a new interesting Analogue Photography workshop, this time focused on the use of color shifting films, in particular the LomoChrome Purple 35 mm ISO 100-400.

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  • Rotlicht Festival 2023

    2023-11-17 – 2023-11-26 · Vienna, Austria
    Rotlicht Festival 2023

    ROTLICHT is back on track, as the creative fixture of analog artistic photography in Central Europe. It will take place in Vienna for the third time this year from November 17-26.

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  • Negativo Festival de Fotografía

    2023-10-26 – 2023-11-25 · Badajoz, Spain
    Negativo Festival de Fotografía

    NEGATIVO was born at the end of 2022 and did it with solidity and vocation of continuity and in this second edition, which starts at the end of October 2023, its main objective is to bring photographers and culture lovers closer to nationally and internationally recognized photographers, but without forgetting our local and regional artists.

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