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Are you ready to showcase your photography skills? Completely free to enter and open to anyone, our competitions will challenge you to push the boundaries and set foot in visual terra incognita! Choose between battling it out with fellow Lomographers in our LomoMission, photo challenges with a strict theme, or being the champ of the Lomography Awards, a worldwide annual competition dedicated to 11 different categories and screened by an esteemed panel of judges. LomoMission winners will get vouchers for our Online Shop, while being part of the Lomography Awards earns you a spot in our Hall of Fame, plus the finest Lomography gear and other exciting prizes from our partners! Find out more about our competitions here.

Ongoing Competitions

  • LomoMission: Lomography x Switch Magazine: Party Hard

    1,000 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Lomography x Switch Magazine: Party Hard

    We have teamed up once again with Switch Magazine to offer you the chance of being feature in their upcoming 2024 March Printed Edition, a Lomography LomoApparat camera and more!

  • LomoMission: A Future for 120

    1,803 Submissions · In Progress ·
    A Future for 120

    Calling all medium-format enthusiasts! It's your time to shine and show off why shooting with 120 film is absolutely worth it.

  • LomoMission: Mountain Adventures

    588 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Mountain Adventures

    Capture the breathtaking beauty of mountains and celebrate International Mountain Day with our last LomoMission of 2023!

  • LomoMission: Childhood Nostalgia

    796 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Childhood Nostalgia

    Whether you spent your salad days playing with Tamagotchis or rocking butterfly hair clips, we want to see your most nostalgic childhood moments captured on film!

Latest Submissions

Finished Competitions

  • LomoMission: Frame within a Frame

    2,023 Submissions · Finished ·
    Frame within a Frame

    Find unique perspectives and transform everyday scenes into cinematic stills with the frame-within-a-frame technique.

  • LomoMission: Life in a Flash

    941 Submissions · Finished ·
    Life in a Flash

    Don’t let your flash equipment gather dust on the shelf – take it out and shoot a dazzling display of light today!

  • LomoMission: Lomography x The National Portrait Gallery Yevonde: Life and Colour

    428 Submissions · Finished ·
    Lomography x The National Portrait Gallery Yevonde: Life and Colour

    In celebration of Yevonde: Life and Colour Exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery, we've teamed up with them to offer you the chance to win some prizes!

  • LomoMission: No Place Like Home

    1,794 Submissions · Finished ·
    No Place Like Home

    Take this time to celebrate the warmth, love, and familiarity of the place we hold closest to our hearts.

  • LomoMission: Lomography X Penumbra Foundation – Long Live the '90s

    728 Submissions · Finished ·
    Lomography X Penumbra Foundation – Long Live the '90s

    We've teamed up with the Penumbra Foundation for a community event to offer you the chance to have your photos displayed at the Lomography Pop-Up Exhibition in New York City on October 26th. This competition is open to submissions from North America only.

  • LomoMission: Siesta

    1,094 Submissions · Finished ·

    In the heat of the summer, it’s hard to find a way to cool down. How about taking a nap?

  • LomoMission: Lomography x The Booker Prizes – Memories of the Past

    1,638 Submissions · Finished ·
    Lomography x The Booker Prizes – Memories of the Past

    We have teamed up with The Booker Prizes to offer you a chance to win this year's International Booker Prize shortlist and a La Sardina!

  • LomoMission: Kaleidoscope World

    241 Submissions · Finished ·
    Kaleidoscope World

    Experiment with your film camera’s kaleidoscopic lens adapter and dip into the surreal wonderland of abstract analogue photography.

  • LomoMission: 1992.jpeg

    2,728 Submissions · Finished ·

    Inspired by the rebellious spirit of the ‛90s, we're bringing that unforgettable energy to the modern-day film shooter. Come and join the party as we celebrate the launch of our newest LomoChrome Color ‛92 ISO 400 film!

  • LomoMission: Hunt for Action

    1,565 Submissions · Finished ·
    Hunt for Action

    From action-packed exploration to breathtaking landscapes, capture it all this sunny season!

  • LomoMission: Beyond the Horizon

    987 Submissions · Finished ·
    Beyond the Horizon

    Step back, stretch the boundaries of your creativity, and show us the bigger picture with your panoramic photos.

  • LomoMission: Under the Sea

    428 Submissions · Finished ·
    Under the Sea

    Golden rule #1: Take your camera everywhere you go. Yes, even underwater!

  • LomoMission: Hanyauku

    729 Submissions · Finished ·

    Translate the sensation of what hanyauku feels into photographs.

  • LomoMission: Master of Light

    754 Submissions · Finished ·
    Master of Light

    Do you have what it takes to become a light painting master?

  • LomoMission: My Little Forest

    2,343 Submissions · Finished ·
    My Little Forest

    Capture the healing power of nature with the magic of film photography.

  • LomoMission: A Date with Diana

    922 Submissions · Finished ·
    A Date with Diana

    Rekindle your love for Lomography’s leading lady.

  • LomoMission: Lomography x Masseria Wave - The Liberation

    1,744 Submissions · Finished ·
    Lomography x Masseria Wave - The Liberation

    We have teamed up with Masseria Wave to offer you the chance of winning a stay in the amazing La Restuccia - Masseria Urban, a former Masseria in Salento (Puglia, Southern Italy), as well as The Liberation printed Zine, Lomography cameras and more!

  • LomoMission: Komorebi

    2,403 Submissions · Finished ·

    It's time to play with trees, sunlight, and shadows!

  • LomoMission: Depth of Field

    2,389 Submissions · Finished ·
    Depth of Field

    Let’s go back to one of photography’s core concepts as we start the year ahead!

  • LomoMission: Just Like the Movies

    2,389 Submissions · Finished ·
    Just Like the Movies

    Let your camera tell stories in a cinematic style and frame the next box office hit!