Finished Competitions

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Shadow Play

    1,348 Submissions · Finished ·
    Shadow Play

    Without colors to consider, shooting in black and white allows one to concentrate on capturing images formed by light and shadow.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Silent Movies

    1,006 Submissions · Finished ·
    Silent Movies

    The era of silent movies was defined by exaggerated movements and intense facial expressions to deliver the mood of the scene. For this challenge, we're looking for black and white photographs that showcase big gestures and piercing emotions.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Solitude

    1,957 Submissions · Finished ·

    Does being on one's own evokes loneliness or freedom? Through your monochrome masterpieces, show us what "solitude" means to you.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Surrealism

    873 Submissions · Finished ·

    Bend the rules of reality and let your imagination run wild.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Home Sweet Home

    1,336 Submissions · Finished ·
    Home Sweet Home

    Show us what "home" means to you through a black and white photograph.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Opposites

    627 Submissions · Finished ·

    Life is full of contradictions. Good and evil. Day and night. Young and old. One state simply cannot exists without the extreme end of the spectrum. For this competition, we want to see monochrome masterpieces where opposites collide.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: People Watching

    1,314 Submissions · Finished ·
    People Watching

    Channel your inner Henri Cartier-Bresson and capture the elusive "decisive moment" in black and white photograph.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Reflection

    615 Submissions · Finished ·

    Whether on mirrors or large bodies of water, incorporate reflection on your next black and white masterpiece.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Wabi-sabi

    1,758 Submissions · Finished ·

    Apply the concept of "wabi-sabi" to your black and white photographs.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Art of Architecture

    1,368 Submissions · Finished ·
    Art of Architecture

    Black and white photographs will never go out of style and neither do any historical landmarks and well-designed edifices.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Granularity

    2,044 Submissions · Finished ·

    Prove that visible grains can be used to create aesthetically pleasing photographs.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Emotions

    692 Submissions · Finished ·

    Emotions are what makes us human. For this "Monochrome" challenge, we're looking for black and white photographs that depict strong reactions and facial expressions.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Abstract Bodies

    491 Submissions · Finished ·
    Abstract Bodies

    Submit you best black and white photographs that highlight abstract forms and powerful poses created by the human body.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Black and White: Monochrome Award

    5,470 Submissions · Finished ·
    Black and White: Monochrome Award

    This competition serves as the "Open Submission Round" for the Monochrome Award. Submit your best black and white photos. Don't follow a theme, follow your heart!

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Childhood Dream

    395 Submissions · Finished ·
    Childhood Dream

    When you were just a wide-eyed little kid, what was your dream job?

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Zooming In

    431 Submissions · Finished ·
    Zooming In

    Get closer than close and capture the minute details of everyday objects in black and white.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: LomoMission: Lines and Patterns

    802 Submissions · Finished ·
    LomoMission: Lines and Patterns

    Without colors to consider, shooting in black and white allows one to concentrate on capturing arresting patterns and shapes.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Road to Photokina 2016 - Dualities

    220 Submissions · Finished ·
    Road to Photokina 2016 - Dualities

    Reveal your dark and bright sides together in a black and white double exposure photo.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Neon Nights

    324 Submissions · Finished ·
    Neon Nights

    Those neon lights are begging to be photographed... in monochrome.

  • Lomography Awards: Monochrome: Crank Up the Contrast

    1,568 Submissions · Finished ·
    Crank Up the Contrast

    We don't care about the subtle grey tones and smooth transitions. It's all about 1 and 0, on and off, black and white!